Dear visitors of this website,

I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Ivan Markovic Lisica (LISICA = engl. Fox). I was born in 1977 in Zagreb, where I also live.

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, a relatively small country,but rich in natural beauties and in good spirits of Croat people.

Owning to my love for animals, I've graduated from The University of Veterinary Medicine.

Already as a child, I wished a dog like Dobermann.But I wanted my dog to be level-headed,more resistant and built robustly.I found these features exactly in the Beauceron.

Assie is my first Beauceron although I've been studying this breed and beaucerons exhibited at dog shows in Europe for many years. In her pedigree, a continuity of top female ancestors is to be noticed. Each of these high quality bitches when mated with top males assures that the puppies carry on this line of excellence throughout the generations. These are dogs with recommendation, of excellent exterior and character,with healthy hip bones. I haven't made a mistake by purchasing Assie because she follows evidently this continuity.

P.S. I would like to take this occasion to thank everyone who helped me in way to create this website,

Yours Ivan