Do you know...

- That the tie was invented by Croats?
Namely,Croatian soldiers began to wear
the "ancestor" of this ornament round
their necks in 17th century (French :
cravate - comes from Croat)

- That most Croatian towns have their
origin in Ancient times or in Middle Ages
  - That the pen you write with,is an invention of
the Croat S.Penkala? Namely,as the first person in
the world, ing. S.Penkala made and patented ballpoint
and fountain-pen in 1906.

- That Croatia, as one of the smaller European
countries,with a territory of not more than
56.500 km^(2) and a territorial sea of
32.000 km^(2) , has even seven national parks?
- That a story about a "country
of thousands of islands" is not
just a story? Namely, the Adriatic
coast in a length of 1778 km,
with 1185 islands, islets and
cliffs, belongs to Croatia.
- That the Dalmatian is
a Croatian native dog
- That only Croatian women are more beautiful than Croatia?