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Again with us....

Radakund dit Rada Bas Rouges de Lisica (M)

Born : 07 / 02 / 2007

Father -  SONY  du Domaine du Bois de Chartres

Mother - ASSIE  Av - Bel


Joy and Martina passed the RH - FL A (area search) exam

Only Joy Bas Rouges de Lisica (F)
Born: 01/04/2005

Owner : Scheucher-Leier (Austria)

Nosework: 185 points (very good)
Obidience: 37,5 points (pass)
Dexterity: 48 points (excellent)

Total result: 270 points (very good)


Oxi - Club Winner !!!

Oxi  Bas Rouges de Lisica (F)
DOB: 01 / 04 / 2005
Dys: A

Owner: Veszelkova (Slovakia)

Slovakian beauceron club championship - 02/09/2007 in 'Ivanka pri Dunaji'

> OPEN class:
                         > 1st EXC.
                         > CAC

     Most beautiful female


   BOB  Club  Winner !!!!

Judge: H. Dvorakova  (CZ)

Romanian - Austrian International Rescue Dog trainingcamp caused by our kennel!

In august 2007 was a rescue-dog trainingscamp in Zlatna / Romania.

Unbelievable but true: because of two beaucerons "Bas Rouges de Lisica" - Noe Aiwa and Only Joy!

The owners of these dogs have the same hobby: rescuedog-work, and they become a friends...

So, Popa George and his organisation "Echipa de Cautare

si Recuperare" invited Martina Scheucher and her organisation

"Österreichische Rettungshundebrigade" to a trainingscamp.

Very nice story ...

Text: M.Scheucher

Noe Aiwa participated at the Rescue Dog - World Championship!!

From June, 25th, until July, 1st, 2007 was the 13th IRO Search & Rescue-Dog Worldchampionship in Eisenstadt (Austria).

Popa George started with Noe Aiwa for the Romanian Team (CDC Romania) in the category „disaster search“.

Alltogether 127 teams from 14 nations participated in the categories tracking, area search, disaster search and water search.

Each category has three parts to manage: nosework, obedience and dexterity.

Noe Aiwa and George got the 52. place single-result.

During this time the WHOLE Romanian National Team were guests by a younger half-sister of Noe Aiwa: they were placed in Only Joy´s house!

EURO DOG Show - Zagreb 2007 (HR)


... Nadir (Neron) Bas Rouges de Lisica (M)

Born : 05 / 02 / 2004

Dys: A

Owner : Rajic (Croatia-HR)

Open Class:

1st EXCELLENT male


- Res. CACIB


Sam Bas Rouges de Lisica (M)
Born : 31 / 01 / 2007
Owner : Toth (Croatia-HR)


Sun  &  Rustica

Rustica Bas Rouges de Lisica (F)

Born: 07/ 02 / 2007

Owner: Lisica / Franjic (Croatia - HR)

BABY class:



Sun Bas Rouges de Lisica (F)

Born: 31.01.2007.

Owner: Lisica / Leko (Croatia - HR)

BABY class:


Oxi  Bas Rouges de Lisica (F)

Born: 01 / 04 / 2005

Owner: Veszelkova (Slovakia)

Open class:


- 4th place

Noor Bas Rouges de Lisica (F)

Working class:

- EXC.


Bas Rouges de Lisica - Breeding Group


Saba Bas Rouges de Lisica (F)
Born: 31 / 01 / 2007
Owner: Golob (Slovenia)

>  BABY class:


Judge: Stefan Sinko (SLO)

photo of the year......

Saba Bas Rouges de Lisica (F)
Born: 31 / 01 / 2007

Owner: Golob (Slovenia)


Nadir  Bas Rouges de Lisica (M)
Born : 05/02/2004 ; Dys: A
Owner : Rajic (Croatia-HR)

- 1st Excellent
- Best of Breed (BOB) 

Judge: Sinisa Cujan (HR)


Born on February 07,  2007.
Mother - ASSIE Av-Bel

2 females & 4 males

Father - SONY du Domaine du Bois de Chartres


Born on January 31,  2007.
Mother - NOOR Bas Rouges de Lisica ( IPO 1, HD-A)
Father - SESAR du Grand Maurian (Recommande, HD-A)

3 females & 2 males

A trip to cover Noor & Assie......


We started our journey towards Bordeaux on the 28th November 2006.

As a mate of first choice for Noor I picked Sesar du Grand Maurian a.k.a. Surcouf. Sourcouf is a male of exceptional ancestry from the kennel of Mr. Normand  known to all who follow the working beaucerons in France, he often takes part in Ring competitions (the most common type of working discipline for dogs in France). Sesar by his fathers side  comes from a line of working beaucerons as can be seen in his pedigree ( see under OUR DOGS>NOOR>1st LITTER) on the other hand by his mother he carries the genes from an old french kennel  Du Domaine Du bois de Chartres , bred by Mr.Garbay, a character judge of  beaucerons in France who puts great emphasis on the character trait that runs in his breeding.

Sesar not only shows the exceptional character of his ancestors but has also inherited excellent estetic features. He has acquired multiple excellent markings in the exibitions he participated in and has brought home numerous awards. There's  one particular show I just have to point  out and it's the ' National d' Elevage' ( the beauceron club exhibition in France 2004) . 750 beaucerons took part in this show and Sesar won 1st place in Open class males and was the 4th male in the entire exhibition! He passed the C.S.A.U. and  T.A.N character tests. His breeding value is Cotation 4. i.e. Recommande ( this can only be obtained when a dog on National Exhibition in France is awarded highest marks in both, his morfology and character).

We spent a few days with Sesar and his lovely family and while he 'showed Noor around the garden'  we would sit inside chatting with cake and coffee. Although Assie wasn't ready yet to 'socialise' with her chosen  mate we decided to pay him a visit anyway just to reassure myself that he really was what I was looking for. Since Sony fullfilled my expectations there was no need to visit the other males I had in reserve ( in case Sesar/Sonys quality of character and exterior wasn't up to my taste). Therefore we had 2 free days for sightseeing along the Atlantic coast some 60km from Bordeaux.

My girls and I enyojed the beauty of that region,

the endless sandy beaches,

the lakes and

huge sand dunes

nearby touristic town and harbour of Arcachon.

After our trip we retourned to Sonny who lives in Libourne a little town surrounded by countless vinyards. Sony is a male who comes from fam. Garbays du Domaine du Bois de Chartres kennel as I already mentioned earlier. I can describe Sony as a beautiful male, good natured with stable character and this has already been confirmed by numerous judges at all the competitions Sonny took part in. He's an expert stud- pride and joy of the Bouton family.

After 3 days in Libourne we set off back home to Zagreb, Croatia 1700km away. All in total we passed 4000km in hope that in 2 months time we'll have more than just beautiful memories from this trip!. I can say that I'm really happy for having met these wonderfull people from such a faraway country and that we have retourned home safely.

I would use this opportunity, while writting this story,  to thank all of You who visit this webpage, to all who write to me and send me photos,  the owners of the dogs who left our house as puppies for keeping me informed of their (the puppies) lifes, those who answer my questions and those who help me put my ideas to work.

It is this support that gives me strenght and will to put all of myself into this beauceron story....

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a  New Year full of success and health for You and your pets.


Yours truly,

                          Ivan M. Lisica,